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About the Collection

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In the late-1990s, as the Internet became the home for a rapidly growing number of free reference sources, the Library’s Webmaster, William J. Frost, presented the idea of creating a searchable collection from those sources that would be appropriate for the undergraduate student. During the summer of 2000, the collection was given the name “Internet Collegiate Reference Collection” or “ICRC”. By the start of the 2000 Fall semester, the collection consisted of approximately 400 links to electronic almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, and other standard reference tools. The collection could be searched by keyword or could be displayed in Library of Congress Classification order by sub-class. Criteria were established for selection for inclusion and procedures were developed to identify and correct broken links.

By the end of the 2003/2004 academic year, the collection consisted of over 1,100 sites. With the retirement of its originator, responsibility for this collection was transferred to the Coordinator of Reference Services. After extensive discussions, the decision was made to apply the same criteria for collaborative collection development (both selection and de-selection) as are used for its paper counterpart. The expertise of the five subject specialists are employed to identify sites to be added and sites to be weeded with over-all coordination of the content resting with the Coordinator of Reference Services. It was also decided to rename the collection “Electronic Reference Collection” or “E-Ref” for short to make its content and function more readily discernable by the students who use it. The collection still can be searched by keyword or displayed in Library of Congress Classification order by sub-class.


The standard system for American academic libraries, the Library of Congress Classification System, is adapted for the Electronic Reference Collection. Some changes have been made to adapt to a collection considerably smaller than the Library of Congress. Library of Congress Subject Headings are found in the LC authority files.

Collection Development Guidelines

Collection Development Tools

Sites are identified through a variety of sources, including other virtual collections, email discussion lists, electronic newsletters, and periodicals such as

Recommendations for additions or corrections to this collection may be sent to its editor, Nancy Weyant.

Updated 5/3/2005